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Entrepreneurial Orientation

Entrepreneurial orientation has become one of the most established and researched concepts in all of entrepreneurship research. This, of course, raises the question... 

What is Entrepreneurial Orientation?

Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO)

An Organizational Strategic Posture

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What is EO?

EO is manifest when organizations support and launch new entries  to explore opportunities for new value creation.

Why is EO important?

EO provides a lens to understand how, when, and why some organizations are generally more (or less) entrepreneurial than others.

How is EO measured?

EO can be assessed using survey items, textual statements or descriptions, as well as secondary financial data.

Where can EO be studied?

EO has been studied in S&P 500 firms, small businesses, non-profits, family firms, universities, football leagues, and a myriad of other organizational contexts. 

Which EO studies to read first?

EO builds upon more than four decades of research. This section provides a curated literature review of relevant studies to help you get up to speed.

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Bill Wales, Standish Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University at Albany. Learn more about my research and connect.

EO Research Quotes

"An entrepreneurial firm is one that engages in product-market
innovation, undertakes somewhat risky ventures, and is first to come up with
'proactive' innovations, beating competitors to the punch.


A non-entrepreneurial firm
is one that innovates very little, is highly risk averse, and imitates the moves of
competitors instead of leading the way."

Danny Miller

Miller, D. (1983). The correlates of entrepreneurship in three types of firms.

Management Science, 29(7), 770-791.

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